Xemits established in 2012 with a belief that the advancement of a nation begins with the development of its people. There is a wide spectrum of developmental elements that need to be addressed scientifically, efficiently, and in many cases simultaneously, in order for such advancement to be achieved. However, education has always been, and will always remain at the top of the list of priorities and the cornerstone for any nation that hopes to become among those competing for a leadership position in the world. Motivated by this knowledge, Xemits launched a Survey and Research Program (S...
Testimonials by members
Mostafa Bastawisy
I would like to congratulate all Xemits on the launch of this wonderful,effective,impressive Arabic E-learning Solution. The Xemits world in my opinion is just what we need in these tough days, Xemits simulates the international standards in such an amazing materials, Thanks Xemits.
Karim Abo seada
Xemits has changed my life completely. I have been looking for an opportunity like this for a long time. Today I'm learning everyday whenever i want and wherever i want. Xemits is the perfect chance for all knowledge seekers. I Love Xemits.
Our Higher E-Learning Program (HELP) is based primarily on the belief that, yes, education is the essence behind growth and development, yet we also believe that an individual’s effort should always be rewarded and extreme effort should ALWAYS result in extreme reward. With this said it is important to understand that Xemits is an entire World. A world governed by strict morals and ethics; a world of ambitious citizens all wo ...
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Xemit of the month
Tamer Ramadan
On behalf of Xemits Top Management and Board of Directors we would like to extend our appreciation to Tamer Ramadan for his outstanding efforts during our pre-launch period and for his dedication and positive energy that only shows that he is a true Xemit. Congratulations Tamer and good luck.
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Xemits is a unique and exclusive e-learning opportunity that is developed to tackle education issues in Egypt and the MEA Region; not by trying to fix it but by providing a strong e-learning, base

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